We want to figure our who you are and where you’re going; who your customers are and what they need from you; who your competition is and what they do well.

After we’ve made a few lists and scribbled some notes, it’s strategy time. We’ll get you pointed where you want to go; create a plan to get your customers engaged; decide how to highlight the things you do better.

There are plenty of steps involved in an integrated marketing approach. Whether you’re ready to embrace it all, or hoping to tackle smaller pieces as they fit into your big picture, we can help.

GRAPHIC DESIGN • Ranges $100 – $5000 – Varies by project
Something as simple as a one-off ad design to a more complicated annual report – if you have the concept (even if you don’t really have the concept), we’ll design it for you.
Think banners, door knockers, brochures, bookmarks, post-its, giveaways, packaging, social headers, flyers, stickers, digital ads…we’ll design something that compliments your business identity and provides context your customers can get excited about. If you’ve got a budget, we’ll make every penny count.

SOCIAL MEDIA • Ranges $200 – $1000
This could include campaign planning, ad management, reports, maintenance, marketing plan, initial set-up or re-vamp of current identities.
Your social media approach is tailored to your needs and your business.

LOGO DESIGN • Starting at $225
First impressions matter and a good logo lasts a long time.

WEB DEVELOPMENT • Starting at $800
We will customize your site to your needs, which includes creative pieces that clearly identify who you are and what you do.

PRINT SERVICES • Varies by project
We can print just about anything you can think of. Banners, Rack Cards, Identity Collateral…if you have something you want to put into the hands of your clients, we’ll figure out how to get it done.

Market Research + Planning
Business Plans
Creative Consulting
Content Development
Seminars + Talks

Cost drivers could be: Design complexity, Number of designs/pages required, Number of proofs required, Whether maps/charts/graphs need to be completed, Tight timeframes, Number of meetings required, Additional time online, Consulting services accompanying design work. There will be no surprises on your final bill, we just want you to realize some of the things that may bump up your estimate.


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Marketing, Advertising and Design are all very important elements of your business — both the bottom line and the established identity. It’s important to approach them all with professionalism and thought.

That’s where we come in.

Of course you know a lot about your business and your customers but remember — when you work with us you invite fresh eyes and new ideas. We will help you develop a professional foundation for something new or freshening up what’s been around for a while. Working with us will save you time and money – you don’t have to crawl through the learning curves of Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, MailChimp or Social Media Platforms. You could be earning way more money than what you will pay us, doing what you do best rather than trying to learn the things we can do for you.

We will help you develop consistency in your brand and develop material you will take pride in. Good planning and design will increase your conversion rates. Content with graphics gets over 90% more views than text-only content. 74% of people who use social media use it to make purchasing decisions and 84% of social media users follow their favourite brands.


TESTIMONIAL: Jim Norwood, Norwood & Associates

We have had the pleasure of working with Alison to provide print services to Bright Ideas over the past year. We receive a myriad of print requirements that always arrive well-organized and in a ready-to-print format with no set up issues, making our life so much easier. Alison does an extensive cross section of promotional print and creates products that are fun, effective, timely and eye-catching. Working with Alison is a treat — She is a no-nonsense, get-the-job-done businesswoman and I wish I had more clients like her. If you are looking for a professional, bright, talented graphic artist to do your promotion, look no further.


Maybe you have it all figured out and you just need a little help with the execution – remember, an important lesson in business is to use the skills you’re good at for the things those skills accomplish. We’re good at advertising and marketing and content development. Instead of getting angry with your computer, and investing hours of your time trying to get your logo to fit properly in your social profile boxes, finishing a presentation that will generate new business, or getting your web template to do what you’re yelling at it to do… reach out. Those are the kinds of things we’re good at.

Even if you don’t have it all figured out, we are idea people. Think of what you’d like to do; re-vamp your look, increase your Facebook followers, get more people through the door, organize an event everyone is going to talk about — and we’ll get excited with you. We’ll also make sure your business is represented in a creative, meaningful way.

To get started, send us an email: look@ourbrightideas.ca (or use this handy contact form)
If you prefer to text or call, you can reach us at 905-396-0588